About me

I was born in lovely Tegernsee, Bavaria (Germany) in 1970
and grew up in idyllic Bad Tölz in the South of Munich.

After my school diploma, I started my studies of Kulturwirtschaft (France & French colonies) at Passau University. During my studies, I worked regularly as hostess
on trade shows and promoted all kind of products (food, notebooks, technical equipment). This has changed my point of view about life, has increased my awareness to people and gave me an excellent feeling for sales psychology.

After my studies I worked for a Start-Up company and
soon switched into the IT business. In 2001 I moved to
the beautiful city of Hamburg.

For 15 years, I have worked as a product manager for
multi-national American companies in national and international roles. With the experience I gained in international business I learned how important it is
to have a  tolerant and diplomatic attitude.


My personal method is that I always take enough time, to analyse topics first and look deeply into something before I form a view on it. With such a basis I then start thinking about strategic development and how to bring everyone in.