»Don’t be afraid
to walk slowly,
just be afraid
to stop.«

Actively managing changes

Companies are in constant changes. This is mainly caused by increasing competition in the markets, changing customer demands and today’s globalisation.

These changes need to be managed actively. It is important to define when such a change is necessary and in particular how quickly it can be maintained. In my opinion, such changes can just work when also your employees are supporting it.  Every restructuring creates fear and insecurity which can easily lead to resistance or resignation. So such fears can kill any motivation and create internal conflicts.

I will offer you a process oriented consultancy
with the goal to …

  •  … make changes and respect your company’s culture
  • … prepare analyses of the current situation
    (the company, a department, a process …)
  • … increase the level of internal communication and integrate
    your employees actively
  • … define strategies step by step to enable an effective change


My personal standards are …