»The best way
to solve conflicts is to avoid them upfront.«

Successfully solving conflicts

Conflicts are part of our daily lives and can be found in private and business surroundings. Conflicts have quiet a big impact but also a potential: They can
be a challenge, a driver or a motivation.

What are typical reasons for conflicts?

  • different individual interests and individual personalities
  • personal conflict with colleagues or managers
  • lack of self-confidence of individuals
  • lack of training on the job

Sometimes little disagreements escalate to conflicts because they have not been taken seriously in the beginning. Or they have even not been recognized. Each individual is convinced of it’s own point of view and does not see the other side.

I would like to show you how to handle conflicts.

  • How can you manage a conflict that already exists?
  • How can you avoid further escalation?

This is what I can do for you …

  • Analyse the conflict

> What is the motivation and what the goal?

  • Solve the conflict

> Strategies and solution: is everyone interested in a solution?

  • Change of perspective

> Strengthening of communication