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»We achieve
the biggest motivation
by personal growth.«

Have you heard about INSIGHTS MDI®?

Everybody is different. What works for one person may not automatically work for another. It´s difficult as executive or manager to get all employees on board.

What would you think about a tool that shows you the potential, strength and motivation of your employees?

INSIGHTS MDI® can provide this information to you. Its potential analysis is based on the theories of Carl Gustav Jung and William M. Marston while personal interest, attitude and value analysis is based on the theory of Dr. Eduard Spranger. INSIGHTS MDI® differentiates from
4 main color categories and defines 8 main types with altogether 60 subtypes. In this way, it is possible to identify the individual behavioral preference of a person. Every color represents a specific behavioral pattern in dealing with challenges, people, structures and rules.

The INSIGHTS MDI® analysis measures the person´s color and preference part and determines the type of personality, strength, development potential and behavior.

This way, it is easier to estimate the behavior and motivation of your employees and develop their strength. INSIGHTS MDI® is an individual instrument for self-evaluation and strength development. It is also used in team building very successfully.

INSIGHTS MDI® is the right tool when we talk about people´s interaction. This includes topics like communication, leadership, relationship skills, Sales, Customer Service as well as recruiting and human resource development.


And this is how I can help you with INSIGHTS MDI®

I use INSIGHTS MDI® when there is no progress in Change Management to initiate the process again. In Health Management, INSIGHTS MDI® creates additional value for leadership and team development and prevents burnout and leads to a better Work-Life Management.

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