General Terms and Conditions

1. General information

Stefanie Harrer offers Coaching and Consultancy within the General Terms und Conditions. With an assignment, these General Terms & Conditions are considered as accepted. Every deviation needs to be agreed in writing. Should any of these General Terms and Conditions become inoperative,
the effectiveness of the remaining terms will not be affected. 
The General Terms and Conditions are effective when their application has been expressively agreed upon.

The signed contract of service agrees the provision of services but do not ensure any success. Stefanie Harrer prepares statements and gives recommendations to support
Sponsor´s decisions. These cannot replace customer’s decisions. Stefanie Harrer is allowed to include additional partners if necessary.

It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to ensure that all documents needed for the performance and completion of the order are made available to the business consultant on a timely basis without having to be specifically requested, and further, that the consultant be informed of all occurrences and circumstances that are of significance to the implementation of the order. This also applies to all documents, events and circumstances that first emerge during the consultancy period.

All consultancy orders and other agreements are only then legally binding when they have been confirmed by the Sponsor and signed by an authorized officer of the firm; they are mutually binding only to the extent set forth in the written contractual agreement.


2. Offer & Fees

All offers are without obligation. Subject to change. All offers are in Euro.

Actual fees are set out in the agreed proposal. If coaching
and/or business consulting takes place outside of Ahrensburg / Hamburg, additional travel expenses will be invoiced at an adequate agreed price.


3. Cancellation Policy

Every cancellation should be made by telephone and confirmed in writing. Cancellation of consultancy or a coaching session is free of cost if it has been addressed 24 hours before start. This means for Monday sessions the cancellation must have been made Friday before 1pm. Afterwards, the full fee will be due. If a consultancy or coaching outside of Ahrensburg/Hamburg has been agreed the cancellation policy is different. A cancellation is free of cost if it has been made
72 hours upfront. If expenses for travel cost occur, these need to be paid by the Sponsor.


4. Copyright

All documentation which has been given to the Sponsor or Coachee is included in the fee, except this has not been agreed. The copyright of all documentation provided belongs to Stefanie Harrer only. The Sponsor or Coachee is not allowed to publish the documents without a written confirmation from Stefanie Harrer.


5. Safeguarding & Independence

The partners to the agreement are obligated to reciprocal loyalty. The partners are each responsible to the other to make all appropriate arrangements to avert threat to the independence of any cooperating professionals or employees of the business consultant or Coach. Coaching is no psychotherapy and can therefore not replace it. The participation of coaching is based on a normal physical and psychological resilience.

Host of team-coaching, seminars and workshops is the Sponsor. Participants therefore have no insurance coverage by Stefanie Harrer.

6. Liability

All information and advices in a coaching session have been well considered and checked upfront. The service of Stefanie Harrer is a pure service agreement. Proven success cannot be guaranteed. Liability is therefore denied. The transfer of data via email, or other electronically medium is at the risk of the Sponsor or Coachee.

Stefanie Harrer`s liability for the correct performance as mentioned in §1 is limited to the Sponsor and Coachee only. She assures that she has professional business insurance in case of any event of damage or loss. A liability for damage is limited to the insurance conditions. In case of unsatisfying performance Stefanie Harrer has the right of remedy.


7. Confidentiality

Stefanie Harrer ensures to maintain silence towards others about all information concerning internal, business or private topics of the Sponsor also after the end of the contract. All Sponsor related documentation will be handled carefully and will be protected against others. The coaching sessions are private and confidential between the Coach and Coachee. In accordance with Data Protection, Stefanie Harrer will not divulge any information unless required to by the law. Confidentiality is guaranteed both at an individual level and company level, as Stefanie´s focus is on providing a safe environment for individuals to open up. Feedback to the Sponsor can be provided with the express approval of the individual being coached.


8. Cooperation

Coaching is based on the prepared conversation of the Coach and the Coachee. Confidence and cooperation is key for a good result. The Coach would like to underline that coaching is a free, active and self-responsible process. Success cannot be guaranteed. The Coach supports the Coachee in decisions and changes. Changes can just be realised by the Coachee himself. As a consequence the Coachee should be ready and open to look at himself and his situation.


9. Final clause

Insofar as no other agreement has been made, only German law applies to the agreement, its performance and the resulting rights to claim. If there are parts of the contract which are invalid these can be replaced by valid regulations in order to guarantee economical success. This has to be agreed by both parties.


10. Place of performance / Place of jurisdiction

Place of performance is Hamburg. Local district court is Hamburg. These General Terms & Conditions are based on German law. Any dispute arising hereunder will be determined by an arbitrator.  Any arbitration proceeding held in connection with these General Terms & Conditions will be in German and in the English language.


Hamburg, 01.04.2015